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Toys are more than just items. They are pillars of childhood. These entertaining objects engage kids not only physically but mentally to promote creative thought and intelligence. At Wenno USA, this is a concept we've embraced. That's why we're licensed through National Geographic to provide children with animal-themed toys that enlist fun and wonder.

With four animal kingdom categories that include farm animals, sea animals, zoo animals and pre-historic dinosaurs, parents and children can explore an enticing variety of land and marine toys. You'll find horses and cows with life-like details along with safari-themed animals like wild lions and monkeys. Whatever you can imagine for the world of animals, we're sure to have it. Plus, you can purchase these animal figurines individually or in families for a truly educational experience.
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Explore the animal kingdom with Wenno USA. We carry a varied range of animal-themed items that range from farm animal toys complete with horses and cows to aqua-marine animals toys such as sharks and dolphins! Your child can own all their favorites and let their imagination soar with the possibilities. Take a moment to see some of our featured items below!

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The Learning Experience

Something we truly value here at Wenno USA is education. We stand behind great academic leaders like National Geographic, which is where our animal toys originate. We take pride in our toys, not only are they fun and engaging for children of all ages, but also serve as learning tools. Each animal is rendered with life-like accuracy and proportions for a truly unique display.


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